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Planting 10 Billion Trees

As part of realizing our vision of restoring the Nature and making the planet Earth a beautiful Garden, We have embarked upon a grand project of planting 10 Billion trees across the world over a period of 20 years starting in the year 2019. 1 Billion trees will be planted across India. The trees will be planted in high lands, wood lands, forests, villages, towns and cities and reforestation programmes will be undertaken. We will take assistance and guidance from government agencies, charity organizations, business organizations, social groups and individuals to accomplish our vision.


We invite volunteers around the world to participate enthusiastically in our project and contribute their share in restoring the Nature, heal Mother Earth and make the planet Earth a beautiful Garden and a wonderful paradise for us and our future generations.


Funding is the backbone of any project. We solicit generous donations to help us complete our project successfully within the estimated project period of 20 years.