About Us

Spiritual Humanity is a spiritual organization founded by Master Vivekanandan to propagate the spiritual truths and raise consciousness of humanity to higher levels. He was visited by a light being in the year 1987 at mid night in his house in Chennai, India. This interface with other dimensional entity prompted awakening in him. The awakening took place in phases within him. There came a point where he realized his enlightenment and mastery.

The vision of Spiritual Humanity is to raise awareness and collective consciousness of humanity, teach the process of ascension to 5th dimensional reality, establish spiritual communities in all villages, towns and cities, restore the Nature to its pristine purity, transform the planet Earth into a beautiful garden, propagate spiritual unity politics based on oneness and unity consciousness, create awareness of the necessity of direct democracy, transformation of European Union into Earth Union comprising of all nations as Nations States as equals and One Society and establish Earth Council to administer global governance, abolish militaries of individual nations and manifest lasting peace on Earth and abundance and affluence for all humans.