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The shift occurred in the year 2012 and the planet Earth has entered in the new energy. A new 26,000 years cycle began in the year 2012. We are all living now in the new energy and our physical bodies are changing slowly from carbon based biology to crystalline biology. Our consciousness is raising to higher frequency both individually and collectively as a species. Our planet Earth is a living entity and all celestial bodies are living entities. Like all other life forms, celestial bodies also are reincarnating and evolving continually.

Mother Earth has increased her vibration and ascended to the 5th frequency, i.e 5th dimension. The 5th dimensional Earth is a new version of the old 3rd dimensional Earth. Mother Earth has raised her vibration from 3rd level frequency to 5th level frequency. The split of the Earth occurred in the year 2012 and the new Earth was born of this split. So both the old 3rd dimensional Earth and 5th dimensional Earth are existing in parallel universes. Actually split of the universe is occurring billions of times every second and as a result infinite number of universes are created/manifested. Those who increase their vibration to 5th frequency will be shifted to the new Earth that is the 5th dimensional Earth. Those who do not increase their vibration and vibrate at 3rd level frequency will remain on the 3rd dimensional Earth and continue to reincarnate on this Earth until they increase their frequency.

We are living in the transformative time and billions of souls are coming to the Earth from other galaxies, universes and dimensions to observe this transformation. Even billons of souls volunteered to be born on Earth from other star systems and live as humans to help in raising the consciousness of humanity in this transformative time. They may not be aware of their mission and the purpose of their birth on the planet Earth at this critical time. But their mere existence of Earth serves their purpose. Their mere presence helps raise the vibration of the Earth and the collective consciousness of humanity. You could be one of those star people.


Ascension is nothing but raising in frequency ladder, that is, increasing vibrational frequency from a lower level to higher levels. The Multiverse is vibrating at different levels of frequency. The purpose of this life cycle is to experience each frequency of the Multiverse, gain knowledge experientially and progress. This is evolution.

The time we are living now is the time for ascension. The time has come for humans to ascend collectively from 3rd frequency to 5th frequency. If frequency is considered as a dimension, then humans living now in the 3rd frequency i,e 3rd dimension must ascend to 5th dimension as a next level of progress in experiencing different energies of the Multiverse.


Karma is but attraction. Karma is not about punishment. Karma is all about attraction. There is no such thing as punishment in the universe. The universe does not punish anyone. The function of the universe is to reflect back to you what you put out to it. What energy you put out, you attract it back to you. This is the law of attraction. Everything is energy. What you think, feel, say and do is nothing but energy that you transmit to the universe. It will come back to you as a boomerang. It is not punishment. It is only consequence.

Attractions accumulated in lifetimes are recorded in the DNA as memories. The DNA is not only in the physical body. It is also in the consciousness at the quantum level. So it is necessary to clear up all 3rd dimensional attractions accumulated in the DNA from lifetimes lived on the 3rd dimensional Earth to be able to ascend to the 5th dimension. Karmic patterns should be dissolved from the DNA. We should leave karmic package behind completely if we wish to ascend. Detachment is the way to achieve this. Detachment from all 3rd dimensional energies is a must for ascension.