Quantum Meditation (QM)

Meditation is a tool which connects our consciousness to the Source and makes us know who we are. It makes us meld with the Source. At a quantum level, we are one with everything and we are one with All That Is. The quantum state is the state of singularity. This is the state of emptiness and nothingness. There is nothing but awareness of I AM. There is oneness and there is no separation. We are always connected with everything and we are always one with the universe, the Source and God. It is our conscious mind that sees the illusion of separation. When we mediate, go deep within and attain the thoughtless state, the illusion of separation dissolves and we become aware of who we truly are. The Pure Awareness. We are pure awareness. The I Am Presence. It is the quantum state of our true being. The state of Samadhi or Nirvana. The state of I AM THAT I AM. In this true state of being, I am everything and there is nothing but I. In pure awareness, there is no time. Time simply does not exist. From awareness comes consciousness. Out of consciousness, come all worlds. All creations occur in the state of pure awareness. This is where quantum healing happens.

How to do Quantum Meditation

1.Sit in a quiet place and relax your body for a few seconds
2.Still you mind and avoid incoming thoughts
3.Attain a thoughtless state, the state of pure awareness